While setting up operations would require their SAP system to be extended to cover major roll out operations. This facilitates the in-depth understanding of the systems, particularly those relating to business practices relevant to India, their interface with international systems, implementing the system and leading the organization through change.

Various tax laws come under the purview of the complexity, hence expertise knowledge is essential in understanding interpretation and configuration of SAP services that suit well with the global operations of the organizations. With an urge to serve S P A follows a pragmatic approach like we understand the business processes and maps them to the Indian taxation system.

Our Rollout Offerings

S P A typical rollout service would involve providing Accounting compliance and Tax compliance. This would span across modules such as Finance, Materials Management, Sales and Distribution taking into consideration the various roll out practices in the serving country.

We understands the special requirements that go into implementation of add-on functional modules in an existing SAP environment. The implementation and consulting teams adopt robust processes and methodologies to ensure that implementation and rollout of additional modules is well-managed, expeditious and cause minimum disruption to normal operations.

Our rollout methodology is based on a combination of SAP standard tools and templates developed in-house to accelerate the rollout process.

Rollout Services include-

S P A Rollout Approach

We emphasize our approach and shall include overall project planning and project execution. In the initial planning phase, we mutually agree on and specify a joint project organization to facilitate implementation at each of the client’s site. The roll-out is scheduled in agreement to the general requirement. The available resources with the client are taken into account and gaps are filled with appropriate consultancy expertise. Various analysis and request for change are taken into consideration for roll out. Key support is extended start from the initial phase of the project while trying to configure a standard model which contains roll out template transactions, functions and all the customized settings. In this case the business process lists all the template transactions and key available documents required for all the phases of the project.

Key Data Migration: Our Standard tools and program pick up the pace of the data transfer in every roll-out project and improve excellence while documentation facilitates familiarization with the new system. S P A roll-out process will enable diagonal entity flows by implementing a common compliance strategy across the globe and manage cost of compliance and also improve supply-chain visibility across third party suppliers and agreement manufacturer.

S P A Rollout Process