Software Consulting Services

As one of the most sought-after custom software development companies, we analyze your business needs, conceptualize software structure and help you get the best value from its development. Our dedicated team of experts leverages its technical prowess to deliver tailored software solutions.

Our Area of Expertise

Custom Software for Mobile and Web

At S P A, we engage in comprehensively understanding client needs, designing UI/UX, coding, testing, deployment and ongoing maintenance. We specialize in crafting customized applications to fulfill specific requirements, fostering collaboration between developers and clients and adhering to best practices for quality and efficiency.

Opensource ERP and CRM Customization

We at S P A like to involve in adapting software to fit business needs. Services includes integration in current systems, providing training and support apart from enhancing efficiency, data management and customer relationships, utilizing cost-effective open-source solutions.

Software Product Development

At S P A, we are actively engaged in every stage of software development, from ideation and design to coding, testing and deployment. Our focus is on crafting user-friendly solutions tailored to meet specific needs while also adapting to the evolving demands of the market.

Software Integration Services

We at S P A, specialize in seamlessly connecting various software systems within organizations, facilitating smooth data flow and accessibility across departments. Our services bridge gaps between disparate platforms, enhancing operational efficiency, fostering collaboration and empowering informed decision-making.

API Development Services

At S P A, we specialize in creating interfaces that enable seamless communication and data sharing among different software systems. Our expertise in integration streamlines processes and empowers the creation of innovative applications and services.

Development of BI and AI Engine

At S P A, we develop robust BI (Business Intelligence) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) engines tailored to our customers' needs. Our solutions deliver data-driven insights and intelligent automation, empowering informed decision-making, enhancing efficiency and driving business growth.

We mostly go with opensource using MERN , MEAN Stack and PHP full stack development, when it comes for development of mobile and web based custom software solutions.

Some of our specialized domain areas and tools we use are as listed below :

Our Specialization

The team comprise of highly experienced people who have software experience of more than 20 years. They have years of experiences in using populuar development tools like VB,,, Java, Java Full Stack. Some of the process followed are listed below :

Highly Scalable Approach

This is made possible as we bank on right architecture, Apply solid design principles, Implementing testing and monitoring, adopting scaling strategies and where ever required Leveraging cloud services.

Agile Development

Agile is one of the most popular approaches to project management because it is flexible, it is adaptable to changes and it encourages customer feedback.

Rapid Progress: By effectively reducing the time it takes to complete various stages of a project, teams can elicit feedback in real time and produce working prototypes or demos throughout the process.

Customer and Stakeholder Alignment: Through focusing on customer concerns and stakeholder feedback, the Agile team is well positioned to produce results that satisfy the right people.

Continuous Improvement: As an iterative approach, Agile project management allows teams to chip away at tasks until they reach the best end result.

Latest Development Stack

The big advantage that we foresee adopting latest development approaches are :

  • - Affordable Costs
  • - Community Support
  • - Opensource
  • - Scalability
  • - Flexibility
  • - Full Stack Development
  • - Complete Ownership
  • - Efficiency
  • - Reduce Costs


Transparency in software development plays an important role in ensuring successful B2B projects because it encourages collaboration between team members; facilitates clear communication; reduces the risk associated with unexpected outcomes due to lack of communication; creates efficient workflow; keeps projects up-to-date with changing trends and ultimately increases trust among all stakeholders involved in the project. Transparency helps ensure that businesses have successful B2B partnerships today — allowing them to build innovative products faster than ever before!


Common problems addressed by S P A when it comes to security can be described on the following heads:

Vulnerabilities in third-party libraries and frameworks: Many applications rely on third-party libraries and frameworks, which can introduce vulnerabilities into the application if not updated regularly.

Injection Attacks: Injection attacks involve an attacker injecting malicious code or commands into an application's input fields, such as login forms or search boxes, to gain unauthorized access to the application or its underlying database.

Cross-site scripting (XSS): XSS attacks involve an attacker injecting malicious code into a website or web application, which can then execute in the user's browser, potentially stealing sensitive data or performing unauthorized actions on behalf of the user.

Insecure authentication and authorization: Poorly designed or implemented authentication and authorization mechanisms can allow attackers to bypass security controls and gain access to sensitive data or functionality.

Insufficient logging and monitoring: Without adequate logging and monitoring, it can be difficult to detect and respond to security incidents or identify the root cause of security issues.

Mobile application security: With the proliferation of mobile devices, ensuring the security of mobile applications has become increasingly important. Mobile applications can be vulnerable to a range of attacks, including those targeting the device itself or the application's backend servers.

Cloud security: With the growing use of cloud computing, ensuring the security of cloud-based applications has become critical. Cloud-based applications can be vulnerable to a range of attacks, including those targeting the cloud infrastructure, the application itself, or the data stored in the cloud.