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Unlock the power of data to better understand customers, learn from their behaviours, and deliver relevant interactions.


S P A , leverages its rich SAP experience in implementation of SAP Business Suite (ECC) projects across various industry segments. With our proven SAP methodology and large, experienced team of SAP consulting, S P A has delivered complex implementation on-time and on-budget budget.

S P A focus is primarily based on addressing client’s business requirements and not limiting to implementation of the product. Our pool of SAP consultants have blended skills on SAP Functional & Technical areas to help achieve business outcomes. We have built successful solution for our marquee clients across the globe in the areas like.


S P A , leverages its rich SAP experience in implementation of SAP Business Suite (ECC) projects across various industry segments. With our proven SAP methodology and large, experienced team of SAP consulting, S P A has delivered complex implementation on-time and on-budget budget.

We offer broad range of solution to meet all your needs which includes


S P A focus is primarily based on addressing client’s business requirements and not limiting to implementation of the product. Our pool of SAP consultants have blended skills on SAP Functional & Technical areas to help achieve business outcomes. We have built successful solution for our marquee clients across the globe in the areas like

  • Finance FI/CO
  • Logistics SD,MM,WM
  • Operations PP,PM
  • SAP BI and BW
  • Workflows


CxO’s in today’s Digital age are focusing heavily on ‘Actionable business in-sights’ – S P A’s focus is to help clients on ‘High-performance & Growth’ by use of SAP analytics solutions strategically. Business analytics and Key Process Indicators (KPI’s) aligned to Clients business strategy will help employees within your company understand your business and achieve success.

A SAP Analytics solution strategy will help empower your employees with the right information at the right time. This actionable real-time Insights will help you to anticipate change and uncover new opportunities.


In the new, New Digital Economy of intense, global competition and constant change: The customer reigns supreme. Winning companies never lose sight of constantly evolving customer demands. The Internet and Social Media opens the world of global competition to even the smallest companies, leveling the playing field and boosting customer expectations. Today’s customers demand excellent, consistent service and nothing less than 24×7 access and availability.

S P A , leverages its rich SAP experience in implementation of SAP CRM projects across various industry segments helping Client’s to create a platform for customer interaction – mobile, fax, e-mail, Web, wireless device, or face-to-face contact. S P A also has expertise in Integrating front- and back-office enterprise applications and all your business functions, as well as with those of your external suppliers and business partners to help clients implement SAP CRM solution to help attract and retain customers in today’s competitive market.


The newer challenges the organisations face in today’s market condition is to protect against fraud, data theft and meet ever changing legislative and regulatory requirements, within budgetary constraints. Organisations need to adapt and implement right technology (qualified methods and tools) in order to address these challenges.

SAP BusinessObjects GRC is a comprehensive tool from SAP for companies to manage their Governance, Risk and Compliance effectively.

We at S P A believe that “Governance, Risk and Compliance require embedding organisation’s values into the business process and understanding and proactively managing the risks, in addition to implementing IT solutions.”

We help organisations establishing GRC needs and align and optimise processes to meet those needs. Building upon your existing systems and processes, our proven methods can deliver cost effective approaches that provide the right information at the right time, taking advantage of new technologies where appropriate. This will enable your business to monitor critical processes, ensure compliance with industry and regulations and report to the board of directors.

S P A GRC Services

S P A offers a variety of services - tailored to the industry sectors

  • Control Automation Assessment
  • Implement or Upgrade
  • Reporting and Maintenance
  • Remediation and Improvement
Control Automation Assessment

  • Client requirements assessment to automate SAP controls monitoring and user provisioning
  • SAP GRC suitability assessment, high level costs and feasibility
  • Independent analysis and objective advice on the use of GRC and other tool requirements
Implementation and Upgrade

  • Installation, setup and upgrades
  • Rule design, configuration and testing (Segregation of Duties)
  • Elevated access setup
  • User provisioning workflow design and configuration
  • IDM integration
  • Role build automation
  • Process control implementation
  • Regulatory and industry specific process control
  • Elevated access setup
  • Custom report development
  • VIRSA to GRC upgrades


S P A’s most successful contributions has been the Global Delivery model, which encourages a balanced approach towards on-site, Near-shore and Off-shore SAP activities.
The offerings of S P A include:

Remote ABAP Development: Data conversions, interfaces, reports, functional enhancements, forms, transactions.

Remote Configuration: Utilising offshore Centre for components like Solution Design, Configuration, Testing, and Maintenance etc. Covers Rollout, Functional Enhancements, broad mapping of global templates, localization, EDI, ALE, BAPI related configuration.

Basis Management: SAP Administration, Operation of applications & infrastructures, Applications Production Support, Data Base, System & Network Administration, Secured Hosting Environment Infrastructure Management.


Looking for SAP Fiori implementation?

S P A experts work with SAP Fiori that brings instant value to your organization and operationalize your workforce.
S P A has expertise in Fiori integration with BI/IP, ECC, CRM and S/4 HANA.
We are an SAP Fiori Consulting Services company who implement SAP Fiori apps for productive purposes. SAP Fiori apps come up with easy to use and simple user experience that operate seamlessly across desktops, smartphones or tablets.
SAP Fiori is device-independent user interface with consistently patterned framework in order to satisfy your customers’ needs.


S P A Highlights for SAP Fiori development:

  • S P A has team of experts to support you implementing Fiori applications
  • We also develop new Fiori applications in addition to supporting existing SAP Fiori applications
  • S P A provides expert recommendations for SAP Fiori architecture and development
  • We also bring about Branding with all set of visual elements defining your brand style
  • We implement SAP standard design principles for Responsive Fiori applications which adapt for different devices like Laptops, tablets and Smartphones
  • We also offer SAP Fiori support and maintenance services for existing applications


Modern technologies offer a great deal of potential for optimizing sales and service processes and further expanding the business. New and, above all, digital services that were previously unrealizable create added value for your company and your customers.
Role-based solutions and user interfaces increase the efficiency of your sales and service processes and offer the opportunity to make the dialogue with your customers and partners modern and event-related.
S P A Enterprise Services offers a broad portfolio of services and customer-specific solutions, with which we meet your requirements precisely. We use the technologies described below.
We support you from the design of solution architectures to the efficient implementation in your company – so that you can look after your customers.


Is the next-generation business suite to help your business align to the future of the connected world. The new suite is completely based on the SAP HANA® platform and provides a personalized user experience with SAP Fiori® interfaces. SAP S / 4HANA® can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise, providing the ability to dramatically simplify the system landscape and reduce total cost of ownership.
With Simple Logistics based on the new SAP S / 4HANA® Business Suite, the logistical processing in discrete manufacturing is significantly simplified and supplemented with new functions. Thanks to data storage in the main memory, SAP HANA® delivers all relevant data up to date and immediately.
On the basis of the new Business Suite SAP S / 4HANA®, the financial processing is significantly simplified and supplemented with new functions. Simple Finance supports planning, control and forecasting in the digital enterprise. Real-time information is available as a basis for decisions.
S P A Enterprise Services supports you in the planning and implementation of the new Business Suite.

SAP HANA® Cloud Platform Integration (CPI)

Network your cloud solutions quickly and seamlessly with SAP enterprise software and other software vendor solutions - without the hassle of programming. With this Integration-as-a-Service solution, you harmonize business processes and data in a secure and reliable environment.

You gain the following advantages:

  • Bidirectional integration of your cloud and on-premise solutions
  • A unified view of all business data
  • Simplified and centralized monitoring and control of integration processes
  • Accelerated implementation with preconfigured integration content
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with a low-cost, subscription-based subscription model that requires minimal upfront investment

S P A Enterprise Services implements customer-specific integration solutions based on HCI.

SAP® Jam ™ Social Business Collaboration

Connects your employees, customers and partners via a modern communication platform and promotes successful project work in a team
You gain the following advantages:

  • Internal and external collaboration in teams, projects or interest groups
  • Exchange of documents, knowledge, experience, opinions and ideas
  • Fast and fast exchange of news and information via "Feed Updates"
  • Mobile collaboration via tablets and smartphones
  • Create and edit online documents
  • Integration in SAP Cloud for Customer

S P A Enterprise Services implements SAP® JAM ™ especially as an extension of the SAP Cloud for Customer solutions.

SAP Fiori® App Collection and Developments

SAP Fiori® is the new user experience (UX) for SAP software. Modern design principles enable a completely new user experience. SAP Fiori® UX provides the most frequently used SAP functions in a personalized, responsive and intuitive user interface. It adapts to all devices such as PC, tablet or smartphone screen size (Responsive Design).
SAP provides more than 500 apps in SAP Fiori (see SAP Fiori apps reference library for details). These can be used directly or customized.
S P A Enterprise Services implements the apps provided by SAP and develops complete applications based on your requirements based on SAP Fiori®.
S P A Enterprise Services offers three different workshops for getting started with SAP Fiori. Here you can quickly gain an overview and, together with our experts, define how you can best use SAP Fiori in your company.
You will get to know the whole SAP Fiori landscape - from the first overview of the exemplary configuration of an app to the expansion and development of your own apps.
SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) 
Supports the development, management and distribution of innovative mobile business applications with stunningly designed user interfaces for every type of mobile device. With this software and service solution, mobile initiatives can be implemented across the enterprise with a development platform that is consistent with the strategy and easily adaptable to changing business needs. S P A Enterprise Services has implemented mobile solutions in numerous customer projects. With SMP, we have developed solutions that have won several awards - including the Mobile Innovator of the Year finalist of the SAP Pinnacle Awards. Benefit from our experience with development based on the SAP Mobile Platform.
SAP Enhancements
Our developers have many years of experience in customizing SAP® applications using ABAP®, SAP Netweaver® and Java ™. Not only do you commit to producing high quality code, you also think holistically to find the best solution in terms of process and user requirements.
Technologies at a glance
We support the common technologies and tools for implementing your requirements in and around SAP applications, in particular:

  • SAP Cloud for Customer - for customer engagement as on-demand applications
  • SAP Cloud Application Studio - for the expansion of SAP cloud applications
  • SAP Cloud Platform integration (CPI) - for the development of cloud-based applications
  • SAP® JAM ™ - for collaboration in the enterprise
  • SAP Fiori® - for customer-specific developments and extensions of existing apps
  • SAP Mobile Platform (SMP) - for connecting mobile solutions to SAP back-end systems
  • SAP ABAP® - for SAP enhancements
  • SAP Netweaver®, Java ™ - for customer-specific developments
  • SAP UI5 - the HTML5 version of SAP for standalone web applications and Fiori-like apps
  • Native iOS, Android or Windows, as well as container apps with Apache Cordova - for mobile business applications

Become a true omni-channel business and drive digital transformation with SAP Commerce Cloud, delivering contextual customer experiences and unifying customer processes across all digital and physical touchpoints.
SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C)
Is the tool your marketing, sales and customer service teams use to consistently align their actions with the customer? With detailed customer data and personalized offers, their employees, who are in constant contact with customers, have important prerequisites to convince discerning customers.
The operation of the application is ensured by SAP. You use the application wherever you need it and determine the country where your data is located. SAP operates the solution in SAP's own data centers with maximum security. For more information on SAP data centers and security, visit http://www.sapdatacenter.com/
S P A Enterprise Services has extensive expertise and customer references *for the successful implementation of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer solutions and customer-specific enhancements using the SAP Cloud Application Studio. *
We integrate the SAP cloud applications with on-premise SAP solutions as well as the SAP automotive solutions Vehicle Management System and Dealer Business Management for integrated customer and vehicle relationship management.
We would be happy to explain you the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer solutions in a live demo. Contact us at info@spaplc.com
Use our fixed price packages for a quick implementation of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer in your company. Further information: info@spaplc.com
SAP Cloud for Sales
Meets all the requirements of modern working and sales methods. This means you always have detailed customer data, analyzes and real-time information on the road and can exchange information with colleagues.
The mobile solution can also be used offline.
SAP Cloud for Service
Provides everything that makes customer service successful: multiple service channels for your customers (including e-mail, Internet, chat, and phone), convenient access to comprehensive, contextual information for your service representatives, and real-time visibility into your service organization's performance for your service managers.
SAP Marketing Cloud
Marketing as a means for business development requires highly streamlined solutions considering the wide variety of data parameters such as:
  • Financials
  • Customer loyalty
  • Events
  • Social media
  • Behavioral analytics
What is SAP Marketing Cloud?
SAP Marketing Cloud (Module) is a marketing management solution, which lets business owners analyze consumer-buying patterns to stay ahead of anything that affects market dynamics. For example, preventing the stocking of goods, which have a low potential for sale, enabling seasonal stocks for in demand items, and much more.
⦁ Harvesting customer data from multiple channels/platforms, helps create a predictable dynamic profile with a 360-degree insight into consumer behavior.
⦁ Marketing becomes personalized with bespoke content delivered across devices, brands and formats, helping establish long-term relationships.
⦁ Effective segmentation delivering campaigns and content tailored to the needs of the consumer.
⦁ Data consolidation across multiple tools and systems into a single system translates in to cost reductions associated with the storage, cleansing, and integration of the data and systems organization wide.
Why S P A Enterprise Services
At S P A Enterprise Services, we have a deep understanding of the modern consumer with a robust knowledge of e-commerce and the integration of SAP CX to other native and legacy systems. Our custom solutions can assess system inventories, security requirements, and other unique integration and user interface customization features. Contact us to start today!

SAP Commerce Cloud
Remarkable customer experiences thanks to Individual Omni channel Strategy
SAP Commerce Cloud is a comprehensive yet flexible Omni channel platform for B2B and B2C companies.
It offers a wide variety of functions for classic product sales, such as multi-level versions, sets and bundles, and a wealth of predefined promotions. In combination with SAP Marketing Cloud or Hybris Profiles, it also contains comprehensive analytics functions in real-time for a
360-degree view of your customers. The solution helps you to present products and services in their best light. Use the SAP Commerce Cloud to offer your customers a consistent cross-channel shopping experience and strengthen customer loyalty.
Why S P A Enterprise Services?
S P A Enterprise Services is an experienced consultant for SAP Commerce Cloud solutions. With a focus on close-to-standard implementations, we know how to map complex processes in a manner that is fit for the future, and keep the hurdles in cross-channel trading low. Fast starter packages (Commerce to Go) enable you to launch projects with a focus on business-critical processes, and develop them step by step.) The Accelerator offers a ready-to-use, adaptable Omni channel framework, thus enabling Commerce projects to be implemented quickly and easily.
Your added value
⦁ easy, seamless integration into existing backend systems
⦁ innovative realignment of your e-commerce processes
⦁ scalable platform solution for Omni channel, content and order management
⦁ comprehensive view of all digital and physical points of interaction
⦁ SAP Commerce Accelerator for quick implementation
⦁ wide range of personalization and targeting functions
⦁ fully-integrated Web Content Management System (WCMS)
⦁ high-performance search and navigation functions
⦁ integrated internationalization functions
⦁ management of different seller and user roles
⦁ assisted and self-service functions for customers and customer service
S P A Enterprise Services Accelerator
Fast implementation due to ready-to-use, adaptable Omni channel framework
⦁ project launch with approx. 600 predefined user stories
⦁ minimal implementation effort
⦁ fast productive operation
⦁ reduced project duration
⦁ lower costs
The S P A Enterprise Services Accelerator is a SAP Commerce Cloud-Accelerator package, developed by S P A Enterprise Services and based on the B2C/B2B Accelerator standard. It contains standard processes, ready-made shop templates and preconfigured system integrations (in SAP CRM, SAP ERP, SAP C/4HANA, SAP Marketing Cloud) and is thus ready for immediate use – including all functions that are standard today and expected by the consumer. These include not only marketing processes, such as shop personalization, but also service and POS processes (split payment). The maiAccelerator is especially optimized for the retail and insurance industries.
POS integration
S P A Enterprise Services is one of the few partners that offers implementation of the SAP Customer Experience (CX) portfolio in combination with consultation on and implementation of POS systems.

SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

HXM can help to create a truly dynamic, engaging, and employee-centered experience for people.

HXM pushes HR processes and decisions to go beyond simply facilitating transactions to truly reinventing employee experiences in ways that accelerate business growth. It can help to create a truly dynamic, engaging, and employee-centered experience for people.

Our Experience
S P A brings high value in addition to people engagement solutions, implementation and supports experience in SAP SuccessFactors modules listed below:

  • Recruiting Management Process
  • Employee on Boarding Process
  • Employee Central
  • Employee Central Payroll
  • Compensation Management
  • Performance and Goal Management
  • Succession Management
  • Career Development Planning
  • Learning Management Solutions
  • Advance reporting & Dashboards

Delivers the UK payroll for public & Private sectors to meet the Legal and Business requirement.

Our Approach
Our SAP SuccessFactors service includes a comprehensive consulting to help identify gaps and opportunities, a detailed report that includes a project plan with timelines and milestones, a cost analysis, and a schedule.
 We simplify your cloud HCM business solution using:

  • Highly Experience in deliverables with the timelines
  • SAP best practices and Industry Specific Processes
  • Rapid solution deployment
  • Create the value add to customers
  • Provide the quality training to make us of the systems better usage
  • Flexible, high-quality, complete enablement resource for digital Transformation

Why Us?
S P A is a global organization and having experience in delivering multi country implementation and support projects.

As independent wealth planners, we can work with you in a clear, transparent partnership, and offer you objective, comprehensive advice.

No matter how complex your finances or personal situation, we have the expertise and market-leading tools at our disposal to provide you with sophisticated and forward-thinking advice, tailored precisely to your needs.

Your personal wealth adviser will consider your finances as a whole to ensure your plans, savings and investments are working hard, and harmoniously together, to achieve your objectives.

Why is this service important?

Investment management

Our expert Investment Managers can run a personalised investment portfolio on your behalf or support you in making your own investment decisions.

Personal wealth planning:

Our independent Wealth Planners can help manage all aspects of your finances and investments meet your financial goals now and in later life.

Protect yourself from fraud:

We are aware that fraudsters are using the Canaccord Genuity name,some of the measures you can take to protect you and your money from fraud.

Let’s help you grow your business

S P A is a client-centric company with experienced consultants extremely focussed in critical areas implementing cutting-edge technologies with modern approaches.
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