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S P A Cloud Services

  • S P A Enterprises has over 4 Years of Global CLOUD Implementations across US, Europe, Dubai and India
  • S P A has implemented CLOUD-AS-A-SERVICE based projects across Europe, US and India
  • S P A has deep CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE building experience including Data Centre Implementations
  • S P A similar to the big firms offers a PAY-AS-U-USE. Business Model and avoids mostly the Licensing based Model
  • S P A offers the CLOUD PLATFORM-AS-A-SERVICE (PAAS), INFRASTUCTURE-AS-A-SERVICE (IAAS), ANALYTICS-AS-A-SERVICE (AAAS) biz Model options for Global Cloud Implementations
  • S P A has deep functional, domain, technology based working experience in AZURE, AMAZON, GOOGLE Platforms hosting Big Data Analytical Applications
  • S P A has a ROI, TCO, OUTCOME- based Business Models as Competitive differentiators to hustle business from Competitors
  • S P A has Strategic Advisory, Cloud Governance Business Models and also focuses on CYBER-SECURITY based Cloud Implementations
  • S P A also has a dedicated team of Cloud-certified professionals who help develop Use Cases, Playbook, POVs under the Centre-Of-Excellence Business Model
S P A is a client-centric company with experienced consultants extremely focussed in critical areas implementing cutting-edge technologies with modern approaches.
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