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Support & Maintenance

Supporting your IT systems round the clock is vital for your efficient business operations. Ever changing business need and the change it requires in the IT solution can prove to be costly and strain on your business & IT users.

S P A Enterprise Services has an established SAP Application Management Centre (AMC) including Service Desk infrastructure based in India. Our vast application support knowledge is being utilized by our customers across the US, India, and Europe which offers a significant cost advantage to them. We have access to the latest SAP support information, which will result in shorter resolution times for end users. It also allows us to adopt a proactive approach.

S P A application support services delivery includes offshore, offsite & onsite models or a combination to meet the customer requirements. The support services include first, second and third level support. Our Application Support Structure accommodates Quality Management, and audits, apart from Issue & Escalation Management.

Levels of support offered are as follows:

Zero Level Support (Self-help enablement)

This level is categorized as the level where end-user problems occur at a higher volume for which a simple technical know-hows required for resolution. This level of support refers to end-users’ self help Knowledge Base, where they can refer to this Knowledge Base in the first instance. If the end-user documentation does not solve the issue, the issue may be escalated to the local application support team.

First Level Support

First Level Support is the first point of contact for end-user. At this level, the end-user problems are received and processed before an escalation to second level support takes place.

Second Level Support

In case an issue cannot be solved by first level support, it will be escalated to second level support. Second level support deals with issues which are typically related to system bugs, customizing adjustment and program changes.

Third Level Support

The issues which can not be resolved with second level support would generally require changes in software, involving support packs, solution extension/change etc.

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