We make sure that the industry best practice is critically evaluated & adopted where possible.


Businesses, of all scales, are realizing the fact that a sustainable success can only come from a satisfied customer and partner base. Hence in last 5 years enterprises of all scales have started focusing their efforts to have clear customer strategy and robust IT systems & processes to support Customer Relationships effectively. It is important to realize, measure, optimize and increase customer and partners experience at levels of engagements.

At S P A Enterprise Solutions Ltd we recognize the need of having clear customer strategy before embarking with implementing Customer Relationship Systems. Hence, we have been helping our customers to evolve business strategy around their customers & partners first before translating it into processes and solutions. While designing the solution we also make sure that the industry best practice is critically evaluated and adopted where possible.

SAP provides CRM solutions that can support vast business requirements across industries to effectively manage customer and partner relationship. We bring a unique combination of SAP CRM insight, industry expertise, and technical know-how to help implement the technology that supports your business strategy; and deploy the solutions that can deliver business results.

We bring decades of consulting experience in implementing CRM from small and medium size business to large multinationals. Particularly handling complex business requirements which challenge consulting companies when it comes to design and implementation.

Our CRM practice is well positioned to help you with:

  • CRM Strategy and Business requirement Assessment
  • Design and Implementation
  • Integration and Business Acceptance Tests
  • Cut-Over Strategy, DATA strategy and Migration Strategy
  • Data Migration (specialized in high volumes)
  • Go-live and Early Life Support

We help you identify pitfalls in the area of data migration, system performance at early stage of implementation phase ensuring successful delivery of the project.

  • Customer statergy translation into CRM IT strategy. CRM roadmap.
  • Business requirement assement, CRM solution vendor & SI selelction
  • Governance, Assurance & PMO for CRM programme
  • Process & solution consulting in CRM for verticals
  • Solution design & configurations in SAP CRM system
  • Cut-over & data migration statergy, Go-live & support
  • Interface and SAP component integration development
  • Repots, scripts, portals, Interaction center & Analytics development
  • Offshore customer solution development
  • Post Go-live support
  • Business as usual maintenance support including change requests
  • Solutions change, Upgrades, New product or service launch support

Resourcing : CRM Staff augmentation, Ad hoc special skills supply

Our are of expertise include Sales, Marketing and Service areas of CRM, apart from specialist consulting ability in following niche areas of CRM ranging from version 3.0 through to version 7.0

Our CRM practice is well positioned to help you with:

  • CRM 7.0 implementation
  • Leasing solutions
  • UBB (Usage Based Billing) Solutions
  • IS-U (Utility) specific CRM solutions
  • CRM for Pharma
  • TPM (Trade Promotions Management) solution