"We care about your business"
and above all, our integrity.


We truly understand Magento, multichannel and ecommerce. We develop robust systems for delivering elegant, scalable solutions to complex customer requirements.

Our development method is based on transparency, communication and defined milestones. Because of this, our customers trust in our ability to deliver extensible, scalable solutions. We do all the things you'd expect of an enterprise-focused development house; we use Subversion to store incremental versions of development changes and an automated deployment process for development, staging and production environments. We create defined, measurable projects that are divided into distinct work packages. These are broken down into appropriate cases in our bug tracking system, giving our Project Managers a clear basis on which to deliver updates to customers.

The marketplace for Magento Solution partners is a hard-fought one – we've seen the Magento eCommerce platform gather pace rapidly since it came to fruition in 2007 and the amount of third-party developers multiply alongside it to match that growth. On our own journey to becoming a Gold Solution Partner, we've had to compete with companies of different shapes and sizes offering varying levels of support, but our core principles of business have always remained consistent at the forefront of our approach:

  • Quality Service
  • Expert Advice
  • Strong Client Relationships
  • Unwavering Support and...
  • A Flexible Approach

Today's Magento marketplace requires a developer that can handle any job, from the 20,000 SKUs of a global brand to the Magento integration of a local company's website. We have plentiful experience of both and everything in-between, and we'll continue to cater to all sizes of client. Our business may carry on growing but the high quality of service that drives it will always remain the same...

Here's a checklist of the main features
(over and above the standard e-commerce feature set S P A offers).

Catalogue/product management
  • Bespoke design and layout for home, category and product pages
  • Multiple sites from same administration panel, including languages, currencies, catalogues and price lists (eg trade)
  • Unlimited products and product categories
  • Bulk product updates
  • Dedicated category pages with product representation (thumbnails, price, etc)
  • Filtered navigation and search
  • Filters can be created/managed by you
  • Dedicated, detailed product pages for each product, with customised descriptions, features list, multiple product images etc
  • Was / Now pricing for products
  • Variants and swatches
  • Multiple product images
  • Product image zoom
  • Automated image resizing
  • Manually assigned product cross-sells displayed on the product page
  • Content management tools for products, promotions and site content
  • Basic keyword search facility, against user-defined fields
  • Multiple pricelists
  • Trade account pricing and ordering
  • Email newsletter / catalogue request signup
SEO and social media
  • Site fully optimised for search engine indexation
  • Data-driven page titles and meta description
  • Page-level control over URLs, page titles and meta data
  • Product reviews and moderation
  • Choice of weblog formats (WordPress, Magento)
  • RSS feed generation
  • Social media bookmarking
  • Sitemap
  • Facebook Like, Tweet This and Share This
Checkout, delivery & payments
  • Delivery by weight or value and by area/region
  • Guest and single-page checkouts
  • Wide choice of payment gateways alternate payment options, including Google checkout, Paypal and cheque/account
  • Call-center (phone) order entry
  • Invoice and pick-list production
  • Order history and tracking
  • 3D secure/payer authentication options
  • Gift wrapping and personalisation
  • Customer account area
  • Bespoke customer data capture
  • Account sign-up/login
  • Multiple delivery addresses for customers
  • Shipping to multiple addresses
  • Multiple payment methods for customers
  • Mini-basket displayed at all times
  • Basket page with product images
  • Swift checkout for returning customers (by using default shipping address and payment method)
  • Order history displayed for returning customers
  • Order status information displayed for returning customers
  • Unlimited static content pages
  • Full suite of analytic reports (via Google Analytics)
  • Automatic email confirmation of order by email
  • PCI compliant e-commerce platform, content management system
Promotions and campaigns
  • Catalogue, promotion and quantity-based based discounts
  • Spend more than £x get discount of £y
  • Spend more than £x get free Postage & Packaging
  • Spend more than £x get free product
  • Buy product x get one free, including adding the free item to the basket automatically
  • Buy product x get product y at z% discount
  • Buy x products and get one at lowest price free
  • x% discount on total order
  • Offer code creation
  • Offer code targeting
  • Gift voucher sale
  • Gift voucher redemption
Back office integration
  • Standard import/export routines
  • Customised import/export routines
  • Stock level import
  • Product data import
  • Customer data import / export
  • Order status import / export
  • Stock countdown facility
  • Stock buffer management
  • Datafeed generation (affiliates, comparison shopping etc)
Typical Magento extensions
  • Add-to-basket overlay
  • Cross-sells overlay
  • Cross-sells automatically generated
  • Bestseller lists (per site & category)
  • Category cross-sells
  • Email customer product alerts (when product back in stock etc)
  • Abandoned basket email chaser
  • Flash movies and animations
  • Product bundles/kits ("get the look")
  • Quick order (via catalogue code)
  • Advanced search (via parameters)
  • Currency conversion
  • Split delivery orders
  • Product feature comparisons
  • Custom checkouts
  • Bespoke landing pages
  • Testimonials
  • Product comparisons
  • Surveys
Additional services
  • Affiliate tracking
  • PPC management tracking
  • Address management using QAS or Postcode Anywhere
  • Google Checkout
  • Celebros advanced search
  • Multimap/Google maps
  • Geographic location detection
  • A/B testing with Google Website Optimizer
  • Google product search feed generation
  • Sales and order reporting
  • Low stock
  • Promotion/discount codes used